The Pros & Cons of Etsy Pattern

There was a lot of commotion today when Etsy announced their new Pattern platform. At first glance, it seems like the easiest way to create your own shop because it auto-populates everything from your Etsy shop to your website. That should be good right? Well, let’s list out the pros and cons and then you can decide.


The pros of Etsy Pattern:
  1. Anyone can set it up with little to no design experience
  2. Listings are automatically updated through the Etsy platform
  3. Your inventory is automatically updated between your “website” and your Etsy store. Often times inventory management gets difficult when you’re selling through a website and Etsy shop at the same time.
 The cons of Etsy Pattern:
  1. All the content on your Etsy shop and website is the same. That means it’s duplicate content and Google won’t attribute much value to your new website.
  2. You have very little design control
  3. Titles on Etsy are optimized with a lot of keywords. That works on the Etsy platform, but looks very messy and confusing on a traditional website. For example, a title such as “Flower Girl Headband – Kids Headbands – Pink Hair Accessories” looks really strange on a regular website.
  4. You still do not retain customer information. The whole point of using your own website is to retain customer information so you can turn buyers into repeat customers.
  5. You cannot alter the site in any way. Another advantage to having your own website is being able to set up subscription opt-ins, sales funnels, offer coupon codes, and much more. This is not possible on the Pattern platform.
  6. It costs the same or more than other website builders like Weebly and Wix that give you full control over everything.
  7. If your Etsy shop gets shut down, so does your Pattern site.
  8. Shoppers who buy from your Pattern site still have to log into Etsy to buy from you. This is confusing since buyers will be under the impression that they are shopping from a privately owned website.
In short, other website builders are just as easy to use and you don’t need design experience. They even come with templates for you! If you want to expand your company, the better option is to do so with your own website that allows you to have control over your orders, create sales funnels, offer coupon codes, and optimize your content for ranking on Google.
Here is what Sarah Sewell from Flourish has to say about it:

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