The “Secret” Place to Sell Online: FB Groups

etsy-on-facebook-groupsFinding ways to send extra traffic to your shop is one of the biggest frustrations of online sellers. In a world where everyone has advertisements in front of them 24/7, how do you stand out among the crowd? How do you capture the attention of your target market and get them to visit your shop?

You are probably already familiar with all of these promotional methods:

-Facebook Pages: The recent algorithm update from Facebook basically requires you to buy ads if you want to show up in front of your audience.

-Instagram: This is a great place to build a fan following, but the inability to post links in your posts lowers your click-through rate.

-Twitter: Twitter is an entertainment platform that’s most effective for celebrities. It’s difficult to get people to follow a business on Twitter.

-Pinterest: While highly effective for some businesses, handmade sellers tend to struggle on Pinterest because the viewers are mostly DIY-ers who would rather make your craft themselves than buy it.

So, if these are difficult places to market your shop, where CAN you sell your crafts online?

Facebook groups. Inside your own group you have exclusive communication with your fans, meaning that you can offer them special deals, chat about custom projects, or do a Facebook Live presentation to tell them all about what you’ll have for sale over the holidays.

What really makes Facebook groups so effective is the ability to build a relationship with your fan. As your followers get to know you, they’ll feel safer buying your products and they’ll feel luckier to have them. It’s so much more fun to own a product when you know the hands that made it.

This Etsy seller earns between $500 – $1,000 a week in

her Facebook group!

And she’s the the only one… our very own editor, Kateland Kelly created her own group under the instructions of Ashley and is now enjoying equal amounts of success.

How can you do it? Ashley talks about how she set up her Facebook group and why it’s successful for her Etsy shop in the September 2016 issue of the Handmade Seller magazine.

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